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I work closely with product management, engineering and company leaders to successfully go from early stage product concepts to launch.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. ”

– Charles Mingus

Services offered (but not limited to):

  • User experience workflow & engagment
  • Visual Designs (website, app, mobile …)
  • Sparring partner for strategic or creative brainstorms
  • Consulting for design processes & team management
  • Brand Development (identities, tone, visualizations …)

Speed the hell up!

We commonly hear about the need to slow down and learn to take more value in items most important to you… Hogwash.

Where should you eat lunch?

Many apps show you all the possibilities, while not answering the actual question

It’s not your idea.

Hoarding ideas deprives the collective community of good. We need to let go of the concept that attributes an idea to it’s owner.

Mavericks Has a Case of the Blues

We are in the era of a blue identity epidemic.

I'd love to help you raise your creative bar. Say hello.

Tyrale Bloomfield

Phone: 615.336.2600


Twitter: @tyrale